International Partner Clusters


Wielkopolska ICT Cluster is a triple helix body in the form of a legally registered association. It was founded in 2008 by Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (Polish Academy of Science), Poznan City Hall and ICT companies from the region.
According to Deloitte benchmarking of Polish clusters, Wielkopolska ICT CLuster is "The leading ICT cluster in Poland". NGPexcellence Benchmarking by VDI/VDE has verified that Wielkopolska ICT Cluster has the highest level of R&D; engagement in cluster activities Europewide.
In 2011 European Cluster Excellence Initiative awarded Wklaster Bronze Label (highest possible) for excellence in cluster management.The cluster creation was supported by the project “Wielkopolska ICT Research-Driven Cluster” in the 2008-2010 edition of FP7 Regions of Knowledge.
The project resulted in a detailed competence map of cluster members.Now, the cluster consists of three types of ICT-oriented entities: over 50 companies including state-owned energy management agency, 3 R&Ds; and a local government. It has a variety of funding sources, including member fees and is becoming self-sustainable. Cluster members enriched the region’s strategy “Poznan 2030” by a strategic programme on ICT which consists of 8 tasks in line with the European Digital Agenda.