Flanders Investment & Trade


Flanders recognizes the importance of international trade. Therefore the Flemish Government has created the agency of Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT), the Flemish Agency for International Business. 
Their mission is:
  • To stimulate the international entrepreneurship of Flemish companies, especially SMEs
  • To attract foreign investments in Flanders
  • To support international entrepreneurship with special care for ethics and sustainability
  • To provide an excellent advisory service for Flemish and foreign customers
Flanders Investment & Trade has cooperation agreements with 17 partners (business organizations, mixed chambers of commerce and clusters). One of those partners is DSP Valley.
The partnerships run from 2017 to 2021. This way, FIT establishes a long-term relationship with its partners and strengthens cooperation.
Efforts to support Flemish companies on foreign markets, and to attract and keep investors in Flanders, deliver more returns when they happen together.
To accelerate the internationalization of the Flemish economy, FIT strives for a sustainable impact. That is why FIT, together with the partners, undertakes to implement the Internationalization strategy, called “Vlaanderen Versnelt!” (“Flanders Accelerates!”) through these partnerships.
In this context, FIT has brought together more than 150 companies, civil society partners, knowledge institutions and government actors between September 2015 and June 2016. The result of this co-creation is a multi-year strategy for a unique collaboration between the many actors that will accelerate the internationalization of the Flemish economy.
The needs of the companies were the starting point for this strategy. The scope of this strategy lies in the international marketing of products and services and in attracting and retaining foreign direct investments, which are necessary to ensure international growth and to strengthen the Flemish economy.

The most important criterion for the success of this strategy is that all actors work together even better.