Embedded Software Engineer

BlueICe develops integrated circuits and embedded software for integrated circuits. Since its founding, BlueICe developed several integrated circuits from high level system design to production bring up. This for wireless communication standards as Low Energy Bluetooth, for industrial wireless applications and medical applications. BlueICe is also a system design house, focusing on communication products and technology development.

Some product/technology examples:

  • Ultra sensitive demodulator for Bluetooth Low Energy[BLE]  GFSK modulation. Allowing to extend the range of a BLE connection to distances greater than 500m.
  • Ultra sensitive satellite receiver, allowing to receive digital satellite data [based on the DVBS standard], in harsh conditions: e.g. in a [flying] plane, or in a high speed train.
  • BLE based localization technology based on measuring Time Of Flight of RF [Radio Frequency] packets, reaching precisions down to a few 10s of cms.

Innovation and  creativity are central to the values and business model of BlueICe. BlueICe developed its own Ultra Low Power digital processor, with complete software development tool chain. BlueICe developed for several standards very high performance demodulation technology.
BlueICe is cooperating with leading edge semiconductor companies and academia, offering you a work environment with regular, sometimes daily international contacts. Its customers are distributed mainly over Europe. With some exceptions in the Far East.

In BlueICe you will work closely in a team which is a mix of junior and senior deep technical people, offering you a unique learning opportunity. BlueICe is a small company developing complex systems on chip, offering exposure to  a wide range of competencies, required for the design of these systems on chip.

BlueICe has a policy not to require extensive work experience. We are looking for creative, driven, critical people with a degree in engineering.

If you are interested you can apply for the function by sending an email to leon.cloetens@blueice.be or jobs@blueice.be.



As Embedded Software Engineer you are responsible for the development and verification of software/firmware modules, subsystems or even the complete software stack of an integrated circuit. In some cases these stacks can be validated in an FPGA.

Starting from a specification/standard and in depth customer interaction you develop an architecture for a software stack, which is gradually split into a number of modules, which are then coded, tested, integrated.

Development happens on e.g. the ARM Cortex family. The typical software languages used are C language and for testing a combination of C and PYTHON language.

Challenges to handle are overall problem complexity, capability to keep evolving the code. In some cases code size, code cycle time optimization for time critical parts of the code are also critical.

Co-verification with hardware [RTL] often developed at the same time is an additional challenge.

The firmware BLUEICE develops is often driven by standards, which keep evolving. Some of BLUEICEs software stacks are the result of many years of work with teams of several people. BLUEICE developed for example BLE [Bluetooth Low Energy] 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 compliant stacks.


  • You have a Bachelor or Master diploma in Engineering or Informatics.
  • Experience is not required.
  • Digital hardware knowledge is a plus. Ideally did RTL [or equivalent] design in his professional or academic curriculum.
  • Relevant experience:
    • Embedded software.
    • C- Language
    • Operating System [e.g. FREE RTOS]
    • Real time software on top of e.g. ARM 32bit family or equivalent processors  [e.g. COLDFIRE, …]
    • PYTHON
  • Customer oriented. Working in direct collaboration with BlueICes customers.


Main Company Location: Molenstraat 19, 1932 Zaventem.

Subsidary Location: Shuzou, Mainland China.

Number of Employees: 10.

Founded: 2010.

Contact: Leon Cloetens, GSM: +32496572500, EMAIL: leon.cloetens@blueice.be