Audio DSP, Technology, Concept and Feature Development Engineer


Leuven, BE


Payroll, full-time


Approx. 5-10%

About the job

Seven Sensing Software is looking for a talented algorithm developper able to do fast prototyping of features and concepts such as beamforming, wind noise detection, noise and echo cancellation, machine learning applications etc.
We are looking for a DSP algorithm solution designer eager to explore potential new use cases with our customers to bring the smartest and most ambitious ideas to life.
In your first assignment you will need to work with headsets combining microphones, pressure sensors and taking advantage of low latency ANC paths to create and show off the capabilities of the headphones of tomorrow.
A typical week includes close collaboration with the team, the customers moving from ideas and theories to quick implementations in Python or Matlab before validating the concept on preliminary recordings.
You will work in a small team of 3-5 audio DSP engineers and align regularly with the other algorithm designers and the customers to come to demonstrable concepts.
Once concepts are validated, a full algorithm solution will then need to be developed and validated before moving to productisation and platform integration.
Our solution designers bring a great mix of signal processing expertise and algorithmic creativity to unlock groundbreaking use cases via single sensors or sensor fusion.

About you

Must Have

  • PhD or MSc in Electronics, Physics, Signal Processing, Acoustics, Computer Science or related discipline
  • Expertise in audio digital signal processing
  • Experience in ANC, noise suppression, beamforming and echo cancelation in mobile environments or headsets
  • Proficient in Matlab and/or Python
  • Abilities for fast prototyping
  • Taste for clean and reusable software development and design
  • Team spirit, creative and agile mindset

Nice to have

  • Proficiency in C++ and C (floating point and fixed point)
  • Lab and recording interest for recordings and design of experiments
  • Interest for patent writing

About us

Seven Sensing Software is a fresh company building software IP for sensor solutions.
Out strategic investor and partner develops sensor chips for which we build unique and differentiating software IP to create breakthrough solutions on mobile, wearables and automotive.
We offer very competitive packages and provide a once in a lifetime safe and agile startup environment for juniors and more senior DSP engineers

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